One of the highlights of our Israel Education curriculum at Donna Klein Jewish Academy is our 8th-grade Israel Trip. During the two weeks in Israel, students explore the history, geography, and culture of modern Israel and have the opportunity to apply their knowledge, as well as gain a greater understanding of the issues that face the Jewish State today. 

This trip of a lifetime
provides an authentic experience and the opportunity to develop a stronger lifelong positive connection to the State of Israel and its people. The timing of this trip, during the period of Yom Hashoa, Yom Hazikaron, and Yom Ha’atzmaut, allows the students to be enriched by experiencing the land and people of Israel with both reflection and celebration afforded by these meaningful days.
Masada – William Levenson
“...My classmates and I stepped out the doors of the bus and all paused in awe. We gazed at a colossal mountain that once stood as a fortress and sanctuary against the Romans. We trekked up the steep path carved into the mountainside behind our cool, knowledgeable tour guide, Barak, who played “inspirational” music during the climb”. “...We followed Barak on a tour of each part of Masada. Each structure was complemented with an explanation and a good discussion”.
Shuk HaCarmel – Layla Sherry
“...In Florida, there are no big markets with merchants advertising their products by hollering at you. When you go shopping in a mall or in a grocery store here, it’s boring. But, an Israeli shuk (market) has a unique and special feel to it; it’s delightful and exciting. This experience was important to me because the culture in Israel is so much different”.
The Kotel – Michael Sherman
“...I was so excited to hear the praying and singing. Most of all, I couldn’t wait to pray and sing, as well, and to listen and see all of the joy that is Shabbat at the Kotel”. “...This moment meant a lot to me because I had finally returned to the Kotel for a second time. For those who were there for the first time, it was exciting, like: “Wow, you don’t see this every day!” For me, it was even more special because I felt like I had returned home. These kinds of memories I will never forget, especially Shabbat at the Kotel”.
Yad Vashem – Ben Rochberg
“...I understand now how intense the Holocaust was, and how nobody should forget it. It is something that must be taught to everybody. To go to Yad Vashem is the opportunity of a lifetime. I also was very happy to see that there were hundreds of people there, not forgetting. That’s what we need to help others do more of: not forget”.