The goal of our Israel Education curriculum at Donna Klein Jewish Academy is to impart knowledge and meaningful experiences about Israel, so that it becomes a dynamic factor in the hearts, minds and souls of our students.

The curriculum is challenged by sociological developments within the Jewish community and by geopolitical developments in the world at large.  We believe that Jewish day schools have a unique potential to deal with this complexity. Therefore, our vision for Israel Education is a multi-dimensional activity that nurtures:
  • An appreciation of Israel's central place in Judaism and Jewish life
  • An understanding of the origin of the State of Israel and its contemporary experience
  • A meaningful, life-long relationship with the State and people of Israel.

Standards for Israel Education
Israel and Jewish Peoplehood
Students understand that Israel and American Jewry, and Jewish communities worldwide, are inter-connected, and their generation will have joint responsibility for ensuring a vital and pluralistic Jewish future.

Israel as the Jewish State
Students demonstrate an active commitment to advocate for Israel’s peace and security as a democratic and Jewish state, and as a thriving multi-ethnic society.

Israel and Jewish Identity
Students appreciate Israel as a living Jewish society – in every aspect of life – and that it is a source of inspiration for their own Jewish lives wherever they choose to live.

Hebrew Language
Students appreciate Hebrew as being indispensable to their connection to Jewish tradition and Peoplehood, and to being able to have a richer relationship with the people and culture of modern Israel.

Israel Experience
Students understand, respect and appreciate the various expressions of Judaism in contemporary life. They appreciate the uniqueness of Jewish life in the area in which they live. Similarly, they understand, respect and appreciate the uniqueness of Jewish life in Israel.