Meeting the social, emotional, and academic needs of all of our students is critically important to their overall success. While academic excellence is of the utmost importance, focusing on the whole child to make sure they are ready for optimal learning is key. At Donna Klein Jewish Academy, we believe that the school and parents are in a partnership to educate your children. It is vitally important that as a school we work collaboratively toward this end.
Our Student Services Department includes learning specialists and guidance counselors who are available to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of our students. All children learn differently, and under that premise, our learning specialists work proactively to identify each child’s specific learning needs. Support is provided for students, families, and teachers to address the wide range of social-emotional and academic concerns that children experience.

Our proactive prevention model utilizes a system of high quality data collection. This includes screenings, diagnostics, and ongoing progress monitoring to determine if students are succeeding. Any students identified as needing further intervention receive support from their teachers as well as from learning specialists during scheduled classroom inclusion.  The learning specialists work collaboratively with classroom teachers to create goals and provide specific strategies to strengthen any relative weaknesses. Students are then closely monitored to determine achievement and growth.  In addition, for students with documented learning needs, we create customized Accommodation Plans or Individual Student Plans (ISPs) that allow for accommodations in learning and assessment to support student growth. More intensive support is also available with our experienced learning specialists who provide individual remediation and curricular support (at an additional cost) to Lower and Middle School students.

The Enrichment Program is available to those students performing above grade level based on specific data assessments, as well as teacher recommendation. Enrichment services are offered both as push-in and pullout support.

As part of Donna Klein Jewish Academy, the Seiff Learning Program, is designed for students in Grades 3-8 who benefit from a specialized educational environment to develop their strengths while supporting any areas of academic weakness. The Seiff Learning Program specifically serves students with average to high average cognitive abilities who have not reached their potential levels of academic success within a traditional classroom setting.  Click here for more information.
Our guidance counselors are available to provide support to students, teachers and families. In K-5 they offer bi-monthly class lessons on a variety of developmentally appropriate topics to provide students with skills and strategies. In Grades 6-8, our guidance counselors work closely with our teachers to create developmentally appropriate weekly advisory lessons on various topics that are pertinent to navigating the Middle School years.   
Donna Klein Jewish Academy partners with Jewish Family Services on our campus which offers a variety of services to our families including counseling and mental health services, psychoeducational testing, food and financial assistance for after-school childcare, SAT/ACT Prep, summer camp and tutoring.
ACADEMIC SUPPORT 9-12 - Academic Coaching Program
Our learning specialists in the High School work directly with students and teachers in various capacities to meet the academic learning needs of our students. This program is available on both a part-time and full-time basis (at an additional cost) depending on student's needs.

Our Guidance Counselor is available to meet with students for emotional and academic support, and acts as a liaison with our families, faculty and staff.
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