At Donna Klein Jewish Academy, we appreciate the Hebrew language as being indispensable to our connection to Jewish tradition and the Jewish people. Hebrew is the language that unites us. strong command of Hebrew enables students to participate comfortably and actively as full citizens of Klal Yisrael and to be able to have a richer relationship with the community and culture of modern Israel.
The goals of the Hebrew language curriculum at DKJA are two-fold: to foster a love of the Hebrew language and to encourage the development of effective communication skills. Students learn to converse, read and write Hebrew with fluency and confidence.
Each class in the Hebrew program at DKJA focuses on all four language skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Our Hebrew Proficiency Guidelines are inspired by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.
Our highly professional and experienced Israeli faculty encourage our students to improve their Hebrew language by providing high-quality content and innovative technological tools. Emphasis is placed on internalizing the language and its practical usage. Students learn to be conversational, acquiring a love and knowledge of Hebrew literature and poetry by developing their active use of all language skills at every level.
The total immersion method of Ivrit b’Ivrit is utilized. Instruction, discussion, and presentation of content materials take place in Hebrew classes. Students acquire a rich, theme-based vocabulary, master language patterns and become adept in the proper use of syntax and grammatical structures. Vocabulary describing daily life in the classroom, at home and outdoors is acquired, strengthened and enriched in a manner that best reflects the student’s learning style. Literature, plays, classroom skits, interviews, dictations, online resources, games and Israeli newspapers are used to develop speaking and comprehension. These skills are reinforced daily through the reading of classroom materials.  Students develop their writing skills by composing dialogues and essays.
In addition to our many levels of  Hebrew classes, we also offer Honors level classes to our students who are fluent in the language. These classes challenge the students with additional and advanced grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. Hebrew Honors students are encouraged to take the Jerusalem Examination and the SAT II exam in High School.