2023-2024 Merit Scholarship

Merit-Based Scholarships at Rosenblatt High School will be awarded to highly qualified rising high school freshmen on the basis of academic achievement, dedication to community participation, and demonstration of leadership and character.  Scholarships are automatically renewable annually to students who maintain their high academic and community standing.
The scholarship will be renewed every academic year after the following requirements have been fulfilled: 
  • Maintain a 3.7 grade point average or higher, unweighted, every semester.
  • Enrollment in the school’s highest-level courses throughout his/her time in High School.
    • In 9th grade, courses must include AP Human Geography and three honors level courses.
    • In 10th grade, courses must include at least one AP course and three honors courses.
    • In 11th grade, courses must include 4 AP level courses.
    • In 12th grade, courses must include 4 AP level courses.
  • Participate in at least two extra-curricular opportunities offered by the school each year, which can include clubs, athletics, or other relevant areas 
    • Participation should involve activities both academic and non-academic in nature
    • The student will hold a leadership role in at least one extracurricular activity in 10th, 11th and 12th grade
  • Demonstrate a commitment to service of the school, the larger community and to upholding the school's values
  • Represent Donna Klein Jewish Academy, as requested by school leadership, at school or community functions
  • Merit Scholarship recipients are expected to work closely with our college counseling office to ensure that their applications reflect the level of coursework and extracurricular activities they have taken over their high school years. It is expected that all Merit Scholarship recipients will apply to highly competitive colleges and universities. 
Please note that the scholarship will include partial or complete tuition expenses. The scholarship recipient’s family is responsible for any costs not covered by this scholarship.
Completed applications must be received by the Admissions office on or before January 18, 2023. Late applications will not be accepted.
Steps in the process:  
1) New DKJA students Submit an application for admission to the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School, including all Teacher Recommendation Forms. The application can be found here

Current DKJA students No admissions application is required.
2) Complete and submit the Academic Scholarship Questionnaire and Academic Scholarship Essay, found here, and submit documents as listed in the Summary of Requirements.
3) Take the Secondary School Admission Test (known as the SSAT). Please specify DKJA's score reporting code 2855 when completing the test registration to ensure scores are sent directly to DKJA. Please register on the SSAT website for available test dates and testing options. 
4) Once your application is complete, including receipt of your SSAT scores and all the items listed in the Summary of Requirements, your file will be reviewed by the Academic Scholarship Committee. You will then be notified of your status. 
5) Finalists in the process will be invited to participate in an interview with the Scholarship Committee members. Interviews will be scheduled beginning in January/February 2023.
6) The Scholarship Committee will then meet to select recipient(s) of the merit-based award. Notification of the award will be issued on February 27, 2023.
2023 Timeline:
1/18/2023 Deadline to submit application with all required documentation
January/February Interviews are conducted
February 27, 2023 Scholarship offers are announced

Summary of Requirements
The candidate must submit the following items by the application deadline of January 18, 2023:

Current DKJA Students
New Students Only
  • Completed admissions Application to the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School, including all required Teacher Recommendation Forms Recommendation forms will be available in your electronic checklist in Eagles Net once the application has been processed.
  • Final 7th grade report card and first semester 8th grade report card. (Upload these to the electronic checklist or submit them to Admissions@dkja.net)
  • SSAT Scores
  • Academic Scholarship Questionnaire and Essay
For more information, contact Dr. Rebecca M. Pinchevsky, Director of Admissions and Retention at admissions@dkja.net.