DKJA Fifth Graders Earn Top Spot in ADI Competiton

DKJA fifth-graders Leelle Avidor and Hannah Klein were chosen from over 180 submissions across North America to be in the top five of the ADI 'Make the Change Challenge.'
ADI is an organization in Israel that cares for and works with hundreds of people of all ages with severe disabilities. This contest was created to promote equality and access for all.

Leelle and Hannah submitted a portable braille pen as their invention. The intention behind their invention is to provide someone who is blind with the opportunity to find the letter they want to communicate on a sliding stamp and imprint it onto paper.

According to the students, "our goal is to make this world a more inclusive place so everyone can communicate and get along."
At DKJA, we encourage our students to make a difference in the world and we are incredibly proud of our students who submitted their projects.