11/19/2021 Head of School Message

Dear DKJA Community,
Last week, we welcomed Elie Klein, Director of Development for ADI, to our campus. ADI is an organization in Israel that cares for and works with hundreds of people of all ages with severe disabilities. Our fifth- and sixth-grade students had the privilege of taking part in an educational program led by Mr. Klein with ADI Bechinuch. This program shares resident stories and their accomplishments, as well as disability simulations. Our students truly enjoyed this experience, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with ADI by participating in their upcoming Make the Change Challenge, an internationally accessible design STEM challenge. We will announce more information as it becomes available.
In addition, our incredible high school staff and students held an outdoor fair last week for our eighth-grade students to showcase all of the amazing clubs, programs, and activities they can look forward to at the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School at DKJA. Not only was it an overall great time, but it also helped our families begin to plan for next year. Additionally, our admissions department held an information session this week for our eighth-grade parents to further demonstrate the exceptional things happening at the high school.
In preparation for Hanukkah, our third-grade students learned about the production process of olive oil and the reasons it is used in modern-day Chanukiyot. Using a variety of modern and ancient instruments, they began by picking fresh olives and squeezing them with a hand press, before straining the juice and spinning it with a centrifuge to separate the pure oil. During this engaging activity, the proper lighting of the Chanukiah was demonstrated. The students also had the opportunity to meet Judah the Maccabee and take fun photos. Students across all divisions will have the chance to participate in more celebrations during the week of Hanukkah. 
Earlier today, I had the pleasure of honoring Heni Galel, an extraordinary friend, community member, and DKJA champion for a special award. We were proud to present her with a Lifetime in Educational Achievement Award. It was a pleasure to recognize her for all she has done for our school community. We also had the honor of presenting her with a special plaque dedicating all of the Mezzuzot at DKJA in her honor. This was made possible thanks to a generous donation by Yori and Jill Galel allowing us to rededicate and reaffix the Mezzuzot throughout our entire campus. These Mezzuzot will bless our community each and every day.
In closing, I want to reach out to our community as the DKJA Grandparents Committee is actively beginning its programming for the year, and they need updated contact information to ensure that all grandparents are included. Throughout the year, many DKJA student and grandparent programs are live-streamed, such as book discussion groups and a speaker series, so grandparents can participate no matter where they live in the world. Please be on the lookout for information regarding our upcoming Grandparents and Special Friends Week taking place in February. All grandparent and special friend contact information should be sent to Carla Klein at Carlalk5@aol.com
Wishing you a wonderful weekend. 
Shabbat Shalom,
Helena Levine
Head of School