DKJA Students Learn "Disability Doesn't Mean Inability" Through ADI

Donna Klein Jewish Academy had the distinct honor of welcoming Elie Klein, Director of Development for ADI, to our campus last week. ADI is an organization in Israel that cares for and works with hundreds of people of all ages with severe disabilities. Our 5th and 6th-grade students had the privilege of taking part in an educational program led by Mr. Klein with ADI Bechinuch. This program helps students understand that “disability doesn’t mean inability” by sharing resident stories and their accomplishments as well as disability simulations.

In our outdoor Holocaust Pavilion, our students were asked to complete the task of placing different shaped blocks into their corresponding holes. After completing this, each student was given a disability stimulation, including oven mitts or a blindfold, and asked to repeat the task. This activity helps our students understand that individuals with disabilities can do anything, it just may take them a long time to get it done. This was a powerful learning experience for our students as it helps end the stigma that individuals with disabilities are incapable of doing things.

We also had the opportunity to hear about the amazing things that ADI has done for its residents. As a wonderful surprise, our students created multisensory Hanukkah cards which they gave to Mr. Klein to be given out to ADI residents.

We are incredibly thankful for this incredible day of learning, and our continued partnership with ADI. The kindness and patience that our students learned about is something they will continue to carry throughout their lives and they will be able to participate in additional activities led by ADI during our leadership academy classes.

We are so excited to participate in ADI’s Make the Change Challenge, which is an international accessible design STEM challenge. Stay tuned for more information!