DKJA Middle School Entered the National Bible Quiz!

Way to Go Ben! DKJA Middle School student Ben Ferber entered the National Bible Quiz this year, a competition for students from 6th - 11th Grade. It is a very extensive commitment to learn a large amount of information covering several books consisting of 73 chapters in the Tanach. Ben met with DKJA teacher, Mrs. Engel every week since the beginning of the year. In order to qualify, Ben had to take three written tests. On one of the tests, covering the books of Ezra and Nechemia in the Tanach, he got 100 percent - which was not easy to do! 500 students across the USA committed to study for the Bible Quiz. He was one of 200 from across the USA to be invited for the National Level Competition. He is currently preparing to virtually participate in the finals on May 10th. Mazal Tov Ben, DKJA is so proud of you, GO EAGLES!
    • Ben Ferber, DKJA Student