Blending the Past with the Present at DKJA

Donna Klein Jewish Academy Judaics Studies teacher Lynda Kazinec has invited students in her class to bring in and share with their classmates a special Jewish ritual or family heirloom that is important to them for their L’dor V’dor project. Throughout the year, each of her 55 students participate. A beautiful and recent example of this by one of our students stood out, enough to make us realize how special this project is for our students, teachers and families involved.
Third grader Jordyn Weiss recently brought in bottles of Schapiro’s Kosher Wine, because her great-great grandfather founded the winery in 1899. The store was located on the lower east side of Manhattan, but sadly, the winery closed its doors in 2005. Nonetheless, it is still a very important part of the Weiss’ family’s story. Jordyn also shared a couple of Schapiro’s Winery Haggadah’s (which were printed in 1934), in addition to a Kiddush Cup from her mother, Robyn’s Bat Mitzvah.  
Other items that students have brought in and shared throughout the year have included a 107-year old Chanukiah, 60-year old candlesticks from Iraq and even a Kiddush cup that survived a Nazi invasion of Austria.
At DKJA we take pride in the opportunities we provide for our students. This week we are thankful for rituals that have become a legacy and traditions that have been passed from generation to generation.