Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren Speaks to DKJA Students

DKJA Communications
Former Israeli ambassador to the United States and current Knesset member Michael Oren spoke to eight through 12th graders at Donna Klein Jewish Academy earlier this month. Oren, born Michael Bornstein, grew up in New Jersey and made Aliyah in the late 1970s. He went onto serve in the IDF and eventually in the government as ambassador to the United States (2009-13) and in the Knesset as a member of the Kulanu party. He spoke to students on a range of topics dealing with Israel, it’s relationship with the U.S. and his journey from a young Jewish boy in the Diaspora to one of the most influential Jews in America. After his initial remarks, seniors Olivia Gallel and Rebecca Wirtschafter led a question and answer session with students and faculty in attendance.