Tzedakah Tuesday at DKJA!

Over the past 40 years, DKJA has transformed from a dream into reality. At DKJA we teach our students to strive for academic excellence and learn traditions and values through Jewish education, leadership and social responsibility while growing as individuals through our athletics program and the arts. As we celebrate all DKJA stands for today, we need YOU! 

In just one week from today, you will have an opportunity to lay the groundwork for next year’s list of amazing accomplishments as we will be holding the school’s Tzedekah Tuesday Fundraiser. 

Tuesday, November 6, you will be called upon to continue our school’s great work and ambitious mission by donating to the cause along with other members of the DKJA family at

Please help us celebrate the past and support our future by giving a meaningful donation to DKJA to EMPOWER EXTRAORDINARY LIVES! #BeEmpowered