Lesley Zafran

DKJA Past President Lesley Zafran has been integrally involved in countless aspects of the school for almost two decades. In 2014, she was honored for her commitment to DKJA upon completion of her final year of Board of Trustees leadership. Lesley served as president of the Board of Trustees for six years. Prior to that, as a vice president, she was a driving force in developing the school’s strategic plan and marketing initiatives.

In 2001, Lesley was appointed Chair of the national Avi Chai project, Jewish Day Schools for the 21st Century  (JDS-21). As head of the JDS-21 Leadership Team, managing a task force of 30 administrators, faculty, parents, board members and students, Lesley helped steer the school to a new direction and clarity regarding its Jewish identity and culture. The task force officially completed its initiative in May 2006. Its work continues progressively under the guidance of DKJA’s Principals of Judaic Studies. Most recently, in addition to her leadership role on the Board, Lesley served as a member of the 2013-2018 Leadership Council for the Donna Klein Jewish Academy “Etz Chaim –The Tree of Life” Strategic Plan that provides a vision for the school’s next five years. Lesley has also served as PTO President at DKJA, and as a Board member for RAVSAK, The Jewish Community Day School Network, among countless other prestigious roles in support of Jewish education and continuity.