An Education of Extraordinary Power and Purpose.

To truly understand what makes Donna Klein Jewish Academy one of the premier Jewish Community Day Schools in the country, you must visit our campus and experience it for yourself. Feel the energy of a community joined in the love of knowledge, the joy of learning and a deep passion for Judaism. Donna Klein Jewish Academy: An Education of Extraordinary Power and Purpose.

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  • Donna Klein Jewish Academy Faculty Climate Survey Findings Showcase Excellence in Workplace Environment

    BOCA RATON - Donna Klein Jewish Academy, located in Boca Raton, Florida, has ranked as one of the top schools in the recent Benchmarking for Good faculty climate surveys. The surveys, encompassing feedback from 800 educators across a spectrum of Jewish day schools, highlighted Donna Klein Jewish Academy alongside Fuchs Mizrachi Day School (Cleveland, OH) and Ida Crown Jewish Academy (Chicago, IL) as standout institutions with faculty who highly recommend them as employers of choice.

    The distinguishing factor for these three schools isn't just about salary and benefits. Instead, they excel in providing an exceptional work environment characterized by:
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