Technology is seamlessly embedded into both the General and Judaic Studies curricula across all grade levels. Additionally technology is used as a communication tool for our families and faculty, and is the driving force for automation of the administrative offices of the school.

Since technology is continuously evolving, we are on a constant journey of researching and discovering the most innovative and educationally sound initiatives to improve and enhance our already robust technology program. We recognize that 21st century learning revolves around multiple technologies, and consequently encourage and empower our faculty to embrace this concept.  We continue to explore and implement the many wonderful innovations available to our students.

All students K-4 have access to shared iPads and/or laptops in the classroom, while students in Grades 5-12 are individually assigned 1-1 iPads or Chromebooks, allowing them to embrace and excel in the use of mobile technology as it is infused throughout the curriculum. We are proud to be one of the first schools in Florida to be recognized as a G SUITE for Education School. All classrooms are equipped with networked computers and interactive projectors and/or LCD displays.

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  • Coding & Computer Sciences

    We all love our personal devices and computers, hard to imagine our lives today without them. DKJA is educating students beyond the use of technologies to learn how they too can contribute to the world of development. Our software and coding education programs are growing and evolving with the technologies around us, to educate and inspire tomorrow’s future innovators of the internet and electronic devices.
  • Innovation Lab

    The Makerspace Innovation Lab at DKJA is a popular place where student creativity gets to shine. Students of all ages get to work on innovative projects and develop ideas. Students with the assistance of dedicated faculty get to use breakthrough technologies and tools to help them create. Some examples of the tools students use at the innovation center include: Prototyping, Electronics, Robotics, 3D Design and so much more!
    Students have a dedicated time and space where they are assisted in the process of becoming makers, designers, artists and engineers. Something happens when students discover these powerful tools: problem-solving, critical thinking, and imagination.  It is these tools that will shape the world’s future.