The Seiff Learning Academy was created for students in Grades 1-8 who benefit from a specialized educational environment in order to develop their strengths while addressing their learning challenges.  The Academy specifically serves students with language-based learning disabilities who have not yet reached their potential levels of success in traditional classroom settings.  The program emphasizes a structured, multi-sensory, language-based curriculum. At the Seiff Learning Academy, students experience a comprehensive Jewish values based education that prioritizes each individual child’s learning needs.  
Program Highlights:
  • Personalized learning environment through which each student can experience success
  • Individualized attention in a small class setting with specialized instruction from an experienced learning specialist
  • Daily learning strategies and study skills to include goal setting, time management, organization, test preparation, and notetaking
  • Interactive, multi-sensory approaches and brain breaks
  • Classrooms provide flexible seating to allow students to work comfortably at their own pace in a supportive and nurturing environment
  • Students fully integrated with their peers for Tefilah, Hebrew, Judaics, lunch, recess, specials, advisory, and electives
A candidate for the Seiff Learning Academy has challenges with reading and written language. The student is bright and excels in many areas, yet requires a language-based program that targets areas of need. Admission to the Academy is based on a current psychoeducational evaluation or a recommendation from a medical professional stating that our program would be an appropriate placement for the student.
    • Michael Seiff and Learning Specialist Michael Eisenstein